Weddings at the International House of Japan

The International House of Japan was founded in 1952 with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and other private institutions and individuals for the purpose of promoting cultural exchange and intellectual cooperation among the people in Japan and the world. Although International House is a membership organization, wedding receptions there are now open for the public.

The House building was constructed in 1955 under the collaboration of three prominent Japanese architects–Kunio Maekawa, Junzo Sakakura, Junzo Yoshimura–who skillfully utilized the contour of the land, highlighting the House’s famous Japanese garden designed by Jihei Ogawa (known as Ueji).

The “I-House,” as we are called by our distinguished guests from around the world, has maintained a spirit of cordial hospitality for more than half a century.

For this most important day of your life, ceremonies can be arranged in Shinto, Christian or other styles, either in the traditional Japanese garden or in the Hall, an airy space with high ceilings that overlooks the garden. And following the ceremony you and your guests can enjoy an intimate reception in a space overlooking the garden and featuring seasonal French cuisine with a Japanese touch. Our bridal coordinator will be happy to help in customizing every detail in accordance with your wishes.

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