Year/Month Main events and activities Remarks, Link
1951 Nov. Cultural Center Preparatory Committee organized  
1952 Aug. 27 International House of Japan officially incorporated  
Oct. Government passes the old Iwasaki estate to the International House  
Oct. Intellectual Interchange Program started terminated in 1996
Nov. Fund Raising Committee organized  
1954 Distinguished Visitors Program started terminated in 1958
1955 June 11 Grand Opening of the International House  
Nov. Foreign Relations Dinner Address started terminated in 2003
1956   Indo-Japanese Interchange started  
May I-House awarded an Architectural Institute
of Japan Prize (Architectural Work)
1960 March U.S.-Japan Studies Project started terminated
1962 Nov. Tenth Anniversary Dinner of the International House  
1965 Assistance for Exchange of Persons Program by other organizations started terminated in 2000
June Tenth Aniversary of the Opening of the House: Special Lectures by Tange Kenzo, Howard Hibbett, and Ronald P. Dore  
1967 Asian Intellectual Cooperation Program started terminated in 1995
Dec. Fifteenth Anniversary: Special Lectures by Ito Sei, Kato Shuichi, and Hugh Borton  
1972 Dec.-Jan. Twentieth Anniversary: Special Lectures by Roger Caillois, John Fairbank, Soedjatmoko, and Harold Isaacs  
1973 March Twentieth Anniversary: Round-Table Conference of Asian Intellectuals  
Oct. I-House was awarded the Japan Foundation Award  
Dec. Physical Plants closed for expansion and renovation  
1976 Jan. Renovation completed  
Nov. Social Science International Fellowship
(aka Nitobe Fellowship Program) started
terminated in 2007
1978   US-Japan Creative Artists Program started US-Japan Creative Artists Program
1981 Oct. Japan-Soviet Union Scientist Exchange started terminated in 1995
1982 March Japan-China Intellectual Interchange started terminated
Oct. Thirtieth Anniversary: Conference on Japan-U.S. Cultural Relations  
  Ph.D.Kenkyukai started terminated
1984 Feb. Reciprocal Agreement signed with the Cosmos Club of Washington D.C. Overseas Affiliated Institutions
1986 Jan. Chinese Social Science Forum started terminated
1987   American Friends of International House of Japan, Inc. incorporated in New York  
1988 May Reciprocal Agreement signed with the University Club, Canberra Overseas Affiliated Institutions
1989 April Asian Cultural Forum started terminated
1992 Oct. Fortieth Anniversary Programs including a conference on the Postwar Development of Japanese Studies in the United States with keynote speaker Donald Keene  
1993 Mar. Edwin O. Reischauer Lecture Series started terminated in 2001
1996 Sept. Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP) started ALFP
1999   Reciprocal Agreement signed with the India International Centre, New Delhi Overseas Affiliated Institutions
2000 Aug. Operations of LTCB International Library transferred to I-House LTCB Library
2001 Dec. Jansen Memorial Conference: "Japan and Its Worlds: The Internationalization of Japanese Studies" I-House Press
2003 Sept. I-House Building designated as one of Docomomo 100 Selections in Japan DOCOMOMO Japan
2005 April Renovation of the East Wing started  
Oct. I-House garden designated as Site of Scenic Beauty of Minato-ku, Tokyo  
2006 April Renovation of the East Wing completed  
July Commemorative Programs Celebrating the IHJ New Hall
"The International House of Japan as Modernist Masterwork—The Rebirth of an Architectural Icon"
Special Lecture "Japan's Gateway to the World: What the I-House Can Do" by Dr. Sadako Ogata I-House Academy
International Seminar "Questioning from the Borderline: Cross-Cultural Dialogue in Tackling a Global Agenda" Text (I-House Press)
Public Symposium "Globalization and Cultural Exchange"  
Aug. East Wing designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property  
  I-House Press established I-House Press
2007 April I-House-Shochiku Grand Kabuki Performance commemorating the 120th anniversary of "Tenran Kabuki"  
May I-House awarded an Architectural Institute of Japan Prize (Specific Contributions Division)  
June I-House Ushiba Fellowship started Ushiba Fellowship
2008   I-House awarded a BELCA (Building and Equipment Long-life Cycle Association) Prize(Best Reform Division)  
Feb. I-House Lunchtime Lecture started I-House Lunchtime Lecture
June Nitobe Kokusai Juku started Nitobe
2009 June japan@ihj started japan@ihj
2011 Dec. Japan-India Programs re-started Japan-India Program
2012 April I-House designated a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation  
Sept.- Program in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the I-House "Japan in the World" Sixtieth Anniversary Program
2013 Nov. I-House establishes a strategic partnership with the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation Mansfield
Dec. Reciprocal Agreement signed with the Cornell Club-New York Overseas Affiliated Institutions
2014 April Japan Studies Now—Inter-University Center Lecture Series started Programs to Understand Japan
Sept. Nichibunken-IHJ Forum started Programs to Understand Japan
Nov. Delve into Japanese Culture@I-House started Programs to Understand Japan