From the Chairman

Photo:Akashi YasushiThe International House of Japan is a non-profit, non-governmental organization incorporated in 1952 with financial support from various institutions and individuals for the purpose of promoting cultural exchange and intellectual cooperation between the people of Japan and those of other countries. As a pioneer in the field of international exchange in Japan, the I-House has, since its establishment, been conducting exchange programs where intellectuals, researchers, artists and people in the business sector can gather and have dialogue together in a quiet oasis in the heart of Tokyo.

In recent years, the fast-moving globalized community is witnessing the rise of Asia as well as enhanced regional cooperation, such as can be seen in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Under such circumstances, it is becoming increasingly vital to organize intellectual dialogue on a global scale beyond the traditional Japan-United States relations, as well as to develop human resources and networks necessary for such dialogue.

Accordingly, the I-House will strive to be a catalyst, creating the space and opportunity for dialogue and network-building among the people of Japan and other countries, so that everyone in the world can achieve a deepened mutual understanding which is indispensable for living in peace. We hope to have your support and cooperation in our continuing effort for intercultural exchange.